China Best Sales High Quality Universal Joint for Russian Vehicles Kamaz (53205-2201025)

Product Description

A Universal joint,; U-joint,; Cross joint,; or Cardan joint,; is a joint or coupling in a rigid rod that allows the rod to ‘bend’ in any direction,; and is commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion,; is used for transmission systems of cars,; buses,; trucks,; and tractors.;
Product Details:;
Product:; Universal Joint.;
Material:; 20Cr or 20CrMnTi.;
Hardness:; HRC58-64.;
Brand:; 818 or OEM service.;
Packing:; Plastic bag,; color/white box,; carton,; wood pallet.;
Sample policy:; Free sample,; freight collect.;
New Century universal joints are machined to meet or exceed original equipment standards.; Each u-joint part is precision-ground to the strictest tolerances,; with quality control inspections at every step of the manufacturing process.;

1.;All parts must be completely cleared before final assembly ,;free of iron chippings,; greasy dirt ,;dusts etc

2.;Filled with #2 automobile grease in the assembly 

3.;Needle must be run properly after assembly .;Needle block,;needle drop not allowed 

4.;Prevent rust ,;prevent collision 
5.;High strength steel crosses are forged to meet or exceed OE
New Century  Service:;
1.; Customized and designed according to the customers’ sample,; drawing or requirements
2.; Following the customers’ requirements or as our usual packing
3.; High quality and competitive price and pure-hearted service.;
4.; Strictly quality control according to ISO9 19 44.;6 A 23.;84 61.;24 A 28 70.;9 B 28 37.;2 B 4 28 52.;2 B 30 55 A 53A-2257125-10 35 98 I 39 118 I 39 118 I 5 50 135 A 50 135 I 53205-22 0571 1 50 155 A 4310-22 0571 1 50 155 A 6520-22 0571 1   57 152 I 62 173 A 72 185

Structure: Single
Material: Alloy Steel
Type: Universal Joint
Size: 50*135
Material:20cr: 20cnmnti
Quality Control: ISO9001:2008


Customized Request

Can universal joints be used in conveyor systems?

Yes, universal joints can be used in conveyor systems, and they offer several advantages in certain applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

A conveyor system is a mechanical handling equipment used to transport materials from one location to another. It consists of various components, including belts, pulleys, rollers, and drives, that work together to facilitate the movement of items. Universal joints can be incorporated into conveyor systems to transmit rotational motion between different sections or components of the conveyor.

Here are some key points to consider regarding the use of universal joints in conveyor systems:

  1. Misalignment Compensation: Conveyor systems often require flexibility to accommodate misalignment between different sections or components due to factors such as uneven loading, structural variations, or changes in direction. Universal joints are capable of compensating for angular misalignment and can handle variations in the alignment of conveyor sections, allowing for smooth and efficient power transmission.
  2. Smooth Operation: Universal joints provide smooth rotation and can help minimize vibration and shock in conveyor systems. This is especially beneficial when conveying delicate or sensitive materials that require gentle handling. The design of universal joints with needle bearings or other low-friction components helps reduce frictional losses and ensures smooth operation, resulting in less wear and tear on the conveyor system.
  3. Compact Design: Universal joints have a compact and versatile design, making them suitable for conveyor systems where space is limited. They can be integrated into tight spaces and allow for flexibility in the layout and configuration of the system. This compactness also contributes to easier installation and maintenance of the conveyor system.
  4. Variable Operating Angles: Universal joints can operate at varying angles, allowing conveyor systems to navigate curves, bends, or changes in direction. This flexibility in operating angles enables the conveyor system to adapt to the specific layout and requirements of the application, enhancing its overall efficiency and functionality.
  5. Load Transmission: Universal joints are capable of transmitting both torque and radial loads, which is important in conveyor systems. They can handle the forces exerted by the materials being transported and distribute those forces evenly, preventing excessive stress on the system’s components. This feature helps ensure reliable and efficient material handling in the conveyor system.
  6. Application Considerations: While universal joints offer advantages in conveyor systems, it is essential to consider the specific application requirements and operating conditions. Factors such as the type of materials being conveyed, the speed and load capacity of the system, and environmental factors should be taken into account when selecting and designing the conveyor system with universal joints.

In summary, universal joints can be effectively used in conveyor systems to provide misalignment compensation, smooth operation, compact design, variable operating angles, and reliable load transmission. By incorporating universal joints into conveyor systems, it is possible to enhance flexibility, performance, and efficiency in material handling applications.

China Best Sales High Quality Universal Joint for Russian Vehicles Kamaz (53205-2201025)  China Best Sales High Quality Universal Joint for Russian Vehicles Kamaz (53205-2201025)
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