China manufacturer Wholesale Fruitwood Color Chiavari Tiffany Wedding Chairs with high quality

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Wholesale Fruitwood Color Chiavari Sillas Tiffany Wedding ceremony Chairs

XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. Metropolis HangZhou- Expert Chiavari Chair Producer in China given that the calendar year 1990…
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The Fruit Wood Chiavari Chair is excellent for weddings, banquets and particular events from casual to the most classy. 

Made of high high quality hardwood with a gold end, this chair is quite lightweight, but extremely robust and wobble-free. The frame has reinforced tension points that give it the capability to hold up to 1100 lbs .. Metal flat socket cap screw and nut make sure sturdiness and specific 45° joints on the base of the front seat area boosts the chair’s steadiness. These gorgeous chairs ship fully assembled, and can be stacked 10 higher for storage.

With its resilient, lightweight design and elegant styling, this Chiavari chair will be the primary seating choice for all of your unique functions, regardless of whether indoors or outside the house.



Solution Description

>>Gold Chiavari Chair  >>Silver Chiavari Chair  >>White Chiavari Chair  >>Natural Chiavari Chair Marriage


*High good quality difficult wood frame. Raw Content:Robinia Pseudoacacia(Chinese Locust Tree)
*Our wood chiavari chair is more thicker and more robust than other supplier.owe to strictly management the dimensions of raw materials.
*The distinctive creating technology of inside framework to make certain chair’s dependability.
*The precision design of perforation.Longevity ensured with steel flat socket cap screw and locknut.
*V-formed Steel cocked hat(angle iron) assistance the bottom of chair generating it really steady and powerful.
*The Distinctive Layout of Wooden Buildings with Mortise and Tenon Relationship.
*Move Take a look at: EN 12520-2571 – Fruniture – Strength,Toughness and Basic safety Test.
*Obtainable Color:Gold,Silver,Black,White,Mahogany,Natural,Brown,Fruitwood,Bronze,Walnut…
*Packing:We wrap every chair area with a protecting foam wrapping.outdoors double-tile carton
*2 several years constrained warranty on body under typical employing! 

Fruitwood Wooden Chiavari Tiffany Chairs


Hot Shade: 1.Gold Wood Chiavari Chair

              2.White Wooden Chiavari Chair

              3.Silver Wooden Chiavari Chair

              4.Mahogany Wooden Chiavari Chair

              5.Walnut Wooden Chiavari Chair

              6.Organic Wooden Chiavari Chair 

Wood Chiavari Chair Marriage ceremony

>>> Limewash Shade Wooden Chiavari Ballroom Wedding ceremony Chairs

>>> Silver Shade Strong Wooden Chiavari Banquet Chairs

Packaging & Shipping: 9 or 10 Pieces Stacked Chiavari Chairs/Carton

China Toregal Brown Color Reliable Wood Chiavari Ballroom Eating Chair



*High quality tough wooden body. Raw Content:Beech Wood or Robinia Pseudoacacia(Chinese Locust Tree) 
*The special creating technology of interior composition to make sure chair’s reliability. 
*The precision style of perforation.Durability ensured with steel flat socket cap screw and locknut. 
*V-formed Steel cocked hat(angle iron) help the bottom of chair creating it very secure and sturdy. 
*The Distinctive Design and style of Wood Constructions with Mortise and Tenon Relationship. 
*Our chiavari chair are distinguished by particular design and style.Our chair’s seat board isn’t manufactured of plywood.   


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Accessible Table for your chairs — 1.Plywood Desk 2.Farm Desk


1.Plywood Folding Tables

2.Pine Wood Farmhouse Tables




Our manufacturing unit lies in the suburb of beautiful HangZhou(Tsingdao), and the certain place is Xihu (West Lake) Dis. city, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. city. Now, our factory will take up an area of about 27000 sq. meters, and building location is 20000 square meters. In the meantime, the mounted asset is 20 million CNY, and the employees amount is over 100. Our manufacturing unit is only twenty five km to HangZhou Liuting Global Airport, and eighty km to HangZhou port.

We possess the superior equipment and have recognized the superior management idea, and have effectively passed the certification of worldwide quality administration method ISO9001/2008. Our functioning management and generation procedure were strictly managed, which contributed to the creation of reputable products and standardization of service. As a outcome, certified items ended up supplied in an incredibly fast pace.

Our business advocates “Art, Classical, Stylish, Environmental safety” style notion, the current merchandise in wood and resin chairs, leisure chairs, cross back chairs, folding chair and tables components 6 large sequence is given precedence to, and maintains far more than a hundred varieties of distinct design, specification, colour of merchandise for buyers to select. These merchandise has been exported to more than 70 countries and locations which includes United states of america, United kingdom, EU, France, Russia, Americas, Brazil, Africa, HongKong, Nigeria, Middle East, and so on. Now, our solution has handed relevant furnishings common tests of EU, United states and other nations, the dependable quality promise from the standard buyers the substantial praise at property and abroad.

Specilized-manufacture, Quality earlier mentioned every little thing else – are our idea of the company’s creation! We will consider merchandise good quality as our life, contemplate customer’s benefit as our process, and give customers all-spherical provider. Sincerely welcome the consultation and organization negotiation from attendees all in excess of the globe. In addition, we also thank you for all your treatment and assistance.

Wood Chiavari Chair
Pass EN 12520: 2571 Home furniture-Strength, Sturdiness And Safety Examination

Wooden Cross Back again Chair
Pass EN 12520: 2571 Household furniture-Power, Durability And Basic safety Check

Resin Chiavari Chair
Go ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2002 General-Goal Business office Chairs-Exams American National Standard for Business office Furniture

Wooden Xihu (West Lake) Dis.leon Chair
Pass EN581-1: 2006 Out of doors Furniture-Seating and Tables for Camping, Domestic and Agreement Use.

Plywood Folding Desk
Go EN 12521: 2009 Furniture-Toughness, Longevity And Security Test.

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China manufacturer Wholesale Fruitwood Color Chiavari Tiffany Wedding Chairs     with high qualityChina manufacturer Wholesale Fruitwood Color Chiavari Tiffany Wedding Chairs     with high quality